Universe Skirting Board   [show/hide text]

Installation (50m x 6cm)


Ferns, rockrose and grasses collected in the Sierra de Madrid, ceramics, fire and performance. Collaboration with ceramist Toño Naharro.

Universe Skirting Board was a commission made ad hoc for the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (Móstoles, Madrid). It was part of the exhibition Querer parecer noche curated by Beatriz Alonso and Carlos Fernández Pello. The exhibition was a celebration of the 10 years of the museum and a very particular narration of an intrincate social, political, geographical and cultural context.

A smoked ceramic skirting board runs through the museum. Its colors are the result of adding vegetation, collected in different parts of the Sierra de Madrid, when firing the ceramics in the owen. Universe Skirting Board is the narration of a Madrid whis is out of this world; a rapid fire, a crack to peek from the architecture to the Deep Space. An element for the negotiation between the horizontal and the vertical, the decision between wall or floor. It is also the edge by which we could cut the museum, take it off and fly away as in a magic carpet or a UFO. We could also - the museum and us - spill ourselves through that crack.

Querer parecer noche, Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (Móstoles, Madrid)
Curated by Beatriz Alonso and Carlos Fernández Pello

ARCO 2019, with Espacio Valverde