Universe Skirting Board. Act II   [show/hide text]

This is the second iteration of Universe Skirting Board that took place at Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (Madrid) in January 2019. It was part of the exhibition Querer parecer noche curated by Beatriz Alonso and Carlos Fernández Pello. It was a performance specifically designed for the museum's main staircase, and a celebration of fragility and murmor. It was made in collaboration with chilean architect Carolina Almarza and galician poet Luz Pichel.

Last summer, a group of boats left the port of Valparaiso (Chile). When reaching the open sea, the crew tied the boats with ropes to keep close and read poetry. Some time after hearing this story, I thought it were the bodies that clung tightly with their hands, very close together, in concentric circles so as not to separate and maintain the horizontal. Caro said that the public held the poets so that, when reciting, they would not fall to the sea.

Last summer mothers were dying.

Last summer we burned the Sierra de Madrid and smelled it all. We extracted their gases to embed a galaxy to the museum in a ceramic skirting board that runs through much of its third floor. We dreamed of spilling through that hole in which the horizontal and vertical are decided, crossing that edge to strike a cut to the museum and fly away as in a magic carpet or a UFO. Universe Skirting Board is a journey to the last horizontal; to the ocean, its views and its voices that we summed from the architecture of the museum.

Querer paracer noche, Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (Móstoles, Madrid)
Curated by Beatriz Alonso y Carlos Fernández Pello

Special thanks:
Sergio Muñoz Arriagada and A Cielo Abierto Poetry Festival (Valparaiso, Chile)