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This project was made by invitation of curator Iñaki Martínez Antelo. It was one of the five shortlisted projects for the Alhambra Price in ARCO Madrid 2018 in which artists were invited to work in collaboration with artisans.

The project proposes breathing as a minimal gesture or intensity from which to reformulate the history and landscape of Granada through glass blowing. Performance and craftsmanship will coincide in the development of three pieces in which different breaths of the material (glass) will reveal the emotion of the summits of the Sierra Nevada, the volumes of the hidden landscape of the Sacromonte caves, the intensity of the aspiration on the slopes up to the Alhambra, the breath of its legends, the airless ribs of the flamenco singing. The sequence of its forms will reveal the pulse and the altitudes of a historical enclave in its encounter with bodies in real time.

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Breath scores to be performed by the glassblower:

(Pieces from left to right)
'Fill your ribs with air (as in flamenco) and blow until they are completely empty'

‘Blow the biggest bubble you can make without a mold and breathe it until the glass cools and becomes a gesture'

(From an image of the landscape taken from Granada)
'Blow to travel through the summits of Sierra Nevada with your breath and inhale from the maximum height you can reach with your glass blowing pipe’


ARCO 2018. Alhambra booth (Madrid)
Crear sin prisa, Tabacalera (Madrid)

Photos: Sergio Albert and Miguel Solís (photo 2)

Special thanks: Diego Rodríguez Blanco and Real Fábrica de Cristales de La Granja.